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Healthy Habits

Habit tracking is something I personally find really useful. It helps me stay on track and keeps my mind and body happy and healthy. There are lots of habit tracker templates online (free and paid) and some apps out there also but the most basic format is to get a calendar and cross off each day that you stick with the habit(s) you select (this is what we do in the Keenan household!).

3 weeks is how long it takes to create a new habit or break on old one - thats all! So stick at your new habit(s) for 3 weeks even if you don’t feel like it some days. If you do this it will become much easier to maintain and your new habits will just become a part of your everyday life.

Here are a few examples of habits myself and/or clients have selected but you can make them as general or specific as you want: sleep 7-9hrs; >2L water; various styles of exercise; mindfulness; no alcohol; no processed foods; no wheat/grains; 1 coffee; 7+ plants; clean protein with every meal; a good bowel movement; self care; bed before 10pm; make bed every morning; walk outside for at least 30mins; <15 mins social media; no soda/fizzy drink; no screens an hour before bed; no TV; pre bed brain dump; no smoking etc.

I recommend only choosing a few (say 2-3) at the outset and when you master these pick a few more, then when you master those pick a few more etc. Its too easy to get overwhelmed if you list too many at once as its much harder to achieve them all.

Its also important to set a goal for how many days out of the month, quarter or year you would like to (realistically) achieve your habits. It is impossible to be good and pure 100% of the time - well for most of us anyway! Some may start at 50% and work their way up to 80% or more others may start lower or higher depending on their circumstances.

Having just come off 3 weeks of holidays and indulgent festivities the daily health habits I am focussing on at the moment are: no alcohol (80%); 30+ mins walking outside (100%); 30+ mins of training (strength, HIIT or pilates style) (80%); no processed foods (80%).

So go grab a calendar or a habit tracker template, pick a few habits you want to start focussing on and how often you want to be able to achieve them and get tracking!

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