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Wasting Away ....

We are literally Wasting away … On average we lose 3-5% of our muscle mass per decade after the age of 30. Causes can be things like weight loss, medication, less active lifestyle, age, hormones, genetics, low protein, vitamin D deficiency and bone density loss. So how do we stop this or at least slow it down?! Here are a few tips:

- Move daily - mix it up with strength, HIIT, suppleness and mobility - once a week or less is NOT enough guys!

- Keep hydrated - muscles and connective tissues are made up fo collagen - which is primarily made up of water and amino acids.

- Consume plenty of protein - protein is broken down into amino acids - ie a component of collagen. We want good quality clean protein with the full spectrum of amino acids which can be found in sources like fish, chicken, meat, eggs. Plant sources of protein contain amino acids too just not in the quantities or varieties that animal based proteins do.

- Stay on top of gut health to ensure the right pH for digestion and proper absorption of nutrients from your food - otherwise you may as well flush it down the loo!

- Get outside in nature for vitamin D or supplement if you need to as advised by a natural health care provider.

- Have a stress management plan if you are exposed to chronic stress in your life.

- Get plenty of good quality sleep. See my blog post on why sleep is so important from 15 January 2020 for a deeper dive into this.

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