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"After I had my baby I was convinced that I wouldn't be able to shift the pregnancy weight. Olivia whipped me into shape - she identified my problem areas and really targeted them in her training sessions. She also gave me exercises that I could easily do at home between sessions as it's not always easy getting out to the gym when you're a new mum! I'm so happy with the results - I've more than shed the baby weight, feel fitter and so much more toned than before I was pregnant." Natasha C 

"Olivia is an excellent personal trainer.  She maintains focus and energy, progressively raising the bar without stretching too far.  She is skilled at ensuring form and posture are maintained, avoiding injury whilst achieving increasingly demanding acts of balancing, flexibility and lifting weights.  Olivia has a lovely personality which is deeply enabling and practically inspiring.  In my case she cut through my wary apprehension making the seemingly impossible just another thing to get on with." Tony M

"Olivia has been fantastic.  For the first time in my life, I'm enjoying exercise.  I'm stronger and fitter than ever, and down a dress size or two!  I could not have come so far without Olivia encouraging me and pushing me to my physical limits.  Olivia's training style is tough but fun and really get results. My friends have been so impressed with the change they've seen in me that two of them have booked in sessions with Olivia themselves.  I would recommend Olivia to anyone who wants to get fit and start really enjoying exercise." Sara S

"I trained with Olivia in London in 2018 with a combination of Pilates and personal training. Olivia was always professional and picked up each session as if we had just finished the last, remembering every detail of any current health issues and the work we had previously been doing. She always managed to get the best out of me, but was sensitive to any new issues that arose and made adjustments where needed. I can honestly say that she was the best trainer I have had and I continue to miss her. She always strove to push herself and gain up to date knowledge about the body and topical issues. She engaged in the session and led by example. Each session was fun and gave food for thought. I wish her all the best with her current move back to Australia and she's welcome back in London any time!"   Pauline A

"I've been training with Olivia for 5 months. In addition to being an inspiration herself, her training sessions are very effective. For the first time in my life I can see the real results of a Personal Training Programme. Her sessions are generally very dynamic and free flowing and she utilises every minute of the session with exercise, active recovery and stretching. It's been a great experience to train with Olivia. She is very reliable and really cares about my health in general, not only when we are training. She is the best PT that I've ever met, here or in Brazil. I recommend Olivia as a PT with out a doubt!!!" Carol G

"It's been great working with Olivia, she's helped me, not only to get back in shape but has also revived my enthusiasm for the gym and working out in general. Every session with her has been different and has had the perfect balance between serious work and having fun, she's been a real pleasure to work with and the time flies by during the sessions. She totally respected my brief at the beginning which was to tone up, lose weight and generally get fitter, and planned different activities to accommodate this, so focusing on my whole body rather than just a couple of highlighted areas. I would have no doubt in recommending her to anyone who wants to get fitter and have fun whilst they're doing it." Nicci E

“With about 9 months left until the big day I knew that I had to do something to fit into that perfect wedding dress. I had decided to get a PT. I observed many trainers at the gym, but Olivia stood out with her cheerful attitude and interesting (at times scary:)) choice of exercises. I had PT sessions before, but found the workouts to be mundane, repetitive and uninspiring. With Olivia, boring is definitely the last thought that crosses my mind. Every workout with Olivia has been challenging, energising, and fun! I have seen great results in balance, strength, and tone of my body! Needless to say that even after the big day, I have continued with my sessions. I would definitely recommend Olivia if you are in search of fun, challenging workouts with great results!” Olya C

"I highly recommend Olivia, she is a brilliant PT.  I started with her when my baby was 8 weeks old and she really helped my body to recover from pregnancy and birth.  Due to her specialised training we focused on rebuilding my pelvic floor muscle, reducing my abdominal separation and well as rebuilding my strength.  I am so pleased with my results and have fallen in love with the reformer machine!  It’s absolutely brilliant and the number of exercises Olivia had me doing on it were endless.  I never had the same training session twice.  I gutted she’s left London.  Brisbane – you’re very lucky to have her!" Gillian R

"I trained with Olivia for two years in the UK and have no hesitation recommending her as an excellent PT and reformer pilates instructor. Olivia's training is varied and well paced. She always took the time to listen to what I wanted to achieve and then tailor made my workouts to target those areas specifically, including muscle tone, core strength and weight loss. She has such an energetic personality, working out with her was always fun and motivational. I highly recommend." Vivienne C

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