Being a mum of 2 gorgeous boys myself I am particularly passionate about training pre and post natal women and have undertaken advanced studies in the area. Every woman has a different prenatal journey, birth experience and post natal recovery so a one size fits all approach will rarely give a woman the results she is after. Many different factors need to be considered in order to design an exercise program that is effective, safe, doable, sustainable and enjoyable. Ideally I do one face to face session a week, set homework exercises and stretches and give day to day postural considerations and food guidelines. Online training is also available where face to face is not feasible.


Exercising safely during pregnancy has so many advantages but it is really important that pregnant women know what they should and shouldn't be doing during this exciting, exhausting and challenging period. A tailored pregnancy exercise program will reduce backaches (and other pregnancy related aches and pains), constipation, bloating and swelling; potentially help prevent or treat gestational diabetes; improve mood and posture and promote muscle tone, strength, and endurance.  



No matter how that baby comes out - it has a huge impact on a woman's body as do the pushes, pulls, stretches and strains that happen over the 9 months of pregnancy. Getting the pre-baby body back involves so much more than simply doing a few exercises for the "mummy tummy" - even for athletic women who exercised throughout their pregnancy and/or had straight forward births. I take post natal clients through the whole journey from healing, restoring and reconnecting through to rebuilding, tightening and toning.








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