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Mindset Challenge

For the first post on my blog I thought it would be useful to share my views on mindset as it has such a huge impact on how successful (or not) people can be in achieving their health and fitness goals.

I come across many people who view exercise and/or eating well as punishment or a chore. And then they view a wine or cocktail or a piece of rich creamy calorific cake or a packet of crisps as a treat. How did we come to this crazy mentality?!

Our bodies are designed to move and we need a broad variety of nutrients and food groups for optimal function. The reality is that consuming processed, nutrient deplete food/drink and not exercising regularly is punishment for our bodies. Moving daily and eating nutritious food is the ultimate form of self respect and self care!

We are all different on many levels so its important to find movement habits and a way of eating that works for you - that you can get into, enjoy, maintain (most of the time!) and get results from. More on this in future posts. In the meantime lets get our healthy mindset on!

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